How to transfer files from mobile phone to computer?

Need to transfer files from your computer to your mobile phone or otherwise?  SecEMS is  the easiest and quickest way to get your file from your computer to your mobile phone. You can quickly drop pretty much any kind of file into your SecEMS private cloud on your Mac or PC and then load it up on your mobile phone using SecEMS app.

Step 1: Open the browser on your PC or Mac computer, access to the web site at  Into the SecEMS private cloud login screen.

Step2: Enter your SecEMS ID and password, you can log into your private cloud space, click on the “upload” button, you can choose to upload the files on your computer to your private cloud.

transfer file


Step 3: Open the SecEMS app, click on the “cloud” tab, you can see the files you have on your computer to upload.



You can select a file and download to the phone, Downloaded files are automatically saved to the “Cloud Download” folder. You can rename the downloaded file, move to another folder, delete, send to friends, and so on.


Similarly, you can upload a file to the private cloud, then download via the browser on your computer.

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