Snapchat Groups will let you chat with 16 friends at once

Even though Snapchat has quickly become a huge communication platform, there are still basic features it lacks, like group messaging. With Snapchat Groups, announced today, the app is beginning to fill those gaps. It’ll let you start group chats with up to 16 of your Snapchat friends. And, as you’d expect, the conversations will disappear after 24 hour. Recipients will also only be able to view Snaps sent to the group once.

Snap says you’ll be able to create group chats either when sending a new Snap or starting a new chat. You can also tap onto your friends’ names at the bottom of the screen to hop into one-on-one chats.

Groups is also joined by two new tools: scissors and paintbrush. The former will let you turn Snaps into stickers from the preview screen. While the paintbrush will apparently turns Snaps into “artistic masterpieces.” Whatever that means.

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