WhatsApp tests real-time location sharing in its app

WhatsApp has developed a real-time location-tracking option that could be used among the app’s friends.

The new feature is called “Live Location Tracking” in the beta software, and is currently found in Android (ver. 1.16.399) and iOS (ver. At present, the way it works is that it allows a user to turn on live location tracking for a period of time they control. The app offers one, two and five minute options. During this time, select recipients would be able to follow your exact location in the app.

There’s also another option, “Enabled Indefinitely,” that can be switched on.

The feature would make sense for times when you’re trying to meetup up with a friend, or a group of friends, in a crowded location. Or, it could be used among family members as an alternative to a paid family locator service.

The implementation of the option has also been designed in a way that would limit users’ privacy concerns over the matter. It appears the option is switched off by default, as it should be, and WhatsApp users are able to control how long the sharing continues.

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