Google’s One-Tap Two-Factor Authentication Will Show more Info

Google’s two-factor authentication system is a great way to secure your account. However, it offers very little information about who’s trying to log in. Now, Google will add location and time info to the login attempt.

In addition to a full-screen window prompting you to approve a login request, the new system will show you a location and IP address for the computer that’s trying to log in, the device they’re using, and the time when they tried to log in. This helps make sure that you’re approving the correct request. If the info matches your own device, then approve it. Otherwise, ignore it. If it’s someone you know trying to get into your account, this might tip you off as well.

As Android Police notes, the wording has also been adjusted slightly in the prompts, from “no” to “no it’s just me.” It’s a small change, but one that should help privacy-conscious users distinguish friend from foe.

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