Malware downloader infects your PC without a mouse click

Security researchers have discovered that cybercriminals have recently started using a malware downloader that installs a banking Trojan to your computer even if you don’t click anything.

According to researchers from Trend Micro and Dodge This Security the technique was used by a recent spam email campaign targeting companies and organizations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The emails’ subjects were mostly finance-related, such as “Invoice” and “Order #,” with an attached PowerPoint presentation.


The PowerPoint file has a single hyperlink in the center that says “Loading… please wait” that has an embedded malicious PowerShell script. When you hover your mouse pointer over the link, it executes the script.The downloader can install a Trojan virus into your system to steal your credentials and bank account information the moment your mouse pointer hovers over the link.

If you’re running a newer version of Microsoft Office, though, you’ll still need to approve the malware’s download before it infects your PC. Just click Disable, and you’ll be fine.



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