The best messaging app with end-to-end encryption

Secure messaging apps are growing in popularity as we all come to realize how much data companies collect about us every day. Unlike phone calls, it’s much easier to imagine some giant corporate entity or government getting ahold of one of your chat transcripts and using it for nefarious means.

End-to-end encryption is a term we hear a lot these days, but how it works and why it’s important for security isn’t always clear. Long ago, we sent messages in plain text, meaning that anyone could see the contents of a message if they caught it while it travelled from sender to receiver. Nowadays, many messaging apps using end-to-end encryption. When done correctly, end-to-end encryption prevents a third party from viewing a conversation. It does so by securing a message with a lock, then giving the key to the sender and receiver.

This also means that even the provider cannot see the contents of a message. So, if a third party, like a government, attempts to access those messages, they can’t see the content of that message; they’ll see a garbled bunch of characters. That means you can assume your messages are safe and secure regardless of which service you use.

While many apps out there that do this, including Apple’s iMessage, SecEMS leads the way in both popularity, platform availability, and features.

Every message that’s sent over SecEMS supports end-to- end encryption. This security measure means that if someone intercepted your messages, or found them on a server somewhere, they would see gibberish, not the actual text of a conversation.

SecEMS doesn’t keep your messaging beyond the course of it trying to deliver that message (if the recipient is offline it’ll stay on SecEMS’s servers until the message goes through), it does not collect a lot of other information about you. They store only what’s required for the service to work, like random keys, and your profile information.

SecEMS can send text, pictures, voice, video, it can also send files. In addition, you can set messages to delete themselves after a set amount of time, but in general, it’s very barebones, and that’s on purpose. The simpler it is, the easier it is to keep your data private and secure.

If you want security, as in, you don’t want some random person or government reading your messages, then SecEMS is the app for you.

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