Hackers tried selling celebrity info stolen from Instagram

A group of hackers used a bug earlier this week to scrape the phone numbers and email addresses of six million Instagram accounts and are now selling that information on the web.

The hackers mainly targeted celebrities and verified users. The hackers used this glitch in Instagram’s system to start posting nude pictures of the singer and actor’s ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber to her 125 million followers.

In a list sent to the Daily Beast, the hackers included 1,000 names of several well-known figures including celebrities, sports stars, and media personalities.

The hackers also scraped the information of unverified users and are now reportedly selling this giant trove of data for $10 an inquiry via bitcoin. According to them, an automated process could steal info from up to one million accounts per hour, and Instagram didn’t close the hole until 12 hours after their attack started and he had accessed 6 million accounts.

In another statement, Instagram again confirmed the bug,  saying that while no passwords were revealed, the bug did allow access to phone numbers and email addresses even if they weren’t public.

Initially, Instagram’s alert said that “high-profile” users may have had information revealed, but even with 700 million or so active users, there may be more people who need to know their information is out there.

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