Top blacklisted apps by enterprises

Mobile security firm Appthority published an interesting report that revealed which Android and iOS applications are most frequently blacklisted by enterprises.

According to the company, iOS apps are mainly blacklisted because many of them leak data. Whatsapp is the most commonly blacklisted iOS app because it sends information from the device’s address book to a remote server.



The Android apps have been mainly blacklisted for data leakage or because they exhibit malicious behavior.

The most frequently blacklisted Android app is Poot, a tool used by its users to root their devices. Other commonly blacklisted applications are AndroidSystemTheme, Where’s My Droid Pro, Weather, and Wild Crocodile Simulator.



According to the Appthority report based on the analysis of 150 apps used in enterprise environments, for 86.7% of Android apps the connections are to a server located in the United States, followed by Ireland (7.7%), Germany (2.1%) and Sweden (0.7%). In the case of iOS apps, nearly 94% of connections go to servers in the United States, followed by Ireland (3.82%), the Netherlands (0.86%) and Germany (0.86%).

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