Privacy Safebox


Your smartphone is your personal device. It keeps many of your personal files and data, which includes private photos, videos and documents that you wouldn’t want to be seen by anyone. But keeping these files safe from family and friends may be troublesome especially when they are checking out your phone to view or try out your downloaded applications. SecEMS is the best place to hide your personal photos, videos and documents. it encrypted your files, thus ensuring only you are able to view it.

Most people would have different logins and passwords for various accounts including online banking. If you find it hard to keep track of all of them, you jot them down safely under SecEMS’s Secure Notes.  it scrambles your note into a bunch of unreadable text, thus ensuring only you are able to read it.

SecEMS is a good app for media security and privacy of your data. It doesn’t upload any data to the app servers, protecting privacy and provides great security features. All the data inside SecEMS is encrypted to ensure no one could see it even if they get full control over the phone.

SecEMS is the best place to hide photos, videos and documents for the following reasons:

  • High-strength encryption to store your photos, videos and documents in the SecEMS;
  • Create and name custom folders
  • Take photos and videos directly in SecEMS with the integrated camera
  • Full-screen viewing for photos and videos
  • No need to use third-party app, view documents within the SecEMS, to prevent documents leaks;
  • Share photos, videos and documents from SecEMS
  • Safe Send feature lets you share photos, videos and documents for a limited time
  • Fake passcode, you can reate a fake passcode that opens a decoy SecEMS for times when someone pressures you to open your SecEMS


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