SecEMS for Android


July 11, 2019

SecEms 6.1.5 for Android released.

  • Support group message withdrawal and cancellation message burning;
  • Support picture horizontal screen view;
  • Optimize the encrypted voice call for improved stability;
  • Optimize app power consumption;
  • Fix the problem of incomplete display extended toolbar on Huawei phone;
  • Fix other bugs;

Dec 7, 2018

SecEMS 6.1.4 for Android released.

  • Fixed some bugs;


Nov 23, 2018

SecEMS 6.1.1 for Android released.

  • Increase encryption strength;
  • Group messages can be self-destruct;

Jun 05, 2018

SecEMS 6.0.10 for Android released.

  • Added encrypted VoIP function;
  • Added group news and pictures slide to read it;
  • Added office document safe browsing function;

May 03, 2018

SecEMS 6.0.7 for Android released.

  • Push notification optimization;
  • Security architecture optimization;
  • Improved interface refresh function ;
  • Fixed the other bugs .

December 12, 2017

SecEMS 6.0.4 for Android released.

  • Added the Fingerprint Unlock Function ;
  • Added the Chat Stikcky On Top ;
  • Fixed the crash problem when open the PDF ;
  • Changed Help Page link address ;
  • Improved interface refresh function ;
  • Fixed the other bugs .

September 12, 2017

SecEMS 6.0 for Android released, the new UI interface, file send, data backup and other features. Repair a number of bugs, further improve stability and security.

The new version has made major modifications to the underlying architecture. The 5.6.1 version of the user can be upgraded directly to 6.0 and automatically migrate the original data, after the upgrade 5. x version will stop the service.

6.0 new features:

  • New UI interface, more user-friendly experience
  • Files transmission function
  • Data security backup and restore function
  • Repaired other bugs

February 6, 2017

SecEMS 5.5.7 for Android released.

New features and changes include:

  • Fixed the issue of ignoring battery optimization crashes;
  • Repair the problem of high power consumption;
  • Optimize background push service to provide more faster, more stable message push;
  • Repair occasionally be automatically offline problem;
  • Fixed other bugs;