SecEMS for iOS

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July 11, 2019

SecEMS 6.1.3 released.

  • Support group message withdrawal and cancellation message burning;
  • Support picture horizontal screen view;
  • Optimize the encrypted voice call for improved stability;
  • Fix other bugs;

Dec 7, 2018

SecEMS 6.1.2 released.

  • Fixed some bugs;

Nov 23, 2018

SecEMS 6.1.0 released.

  • Increase encryption strength;
  • Group messages can be self-destruct;

Oct 1, 2018

SecEMS 6.0.2 released.

  • Fixed an crash  issue with sending audio on iOS 12;

Jun 5, 2018

SecEMS 6.0.1 released.

  • Added encrypted VoIP function;
  • Added group news and pictures slide to read it;
  • Added sharing unction;
  • Added iOS 11 local file Send function;
  • Fixed other bugs

December 4, 2017

SecEMS 5.6.4 released.

  • Adapted to iPhone X
  • Adapted to iOS 11.1
  • UI optimization
  • Fixed other bugs

SecEMS 5.5.6 released

New features and changes include:

  • Support high-resolution avatar
  • Add message “Marked to read” function
  • Add create chat group shortcut
  • Group name can be modified
  • Cancel the number of chat group creation limit
  •  Add SecEMS secretary function
  • Resolved the message receipt status is not timely or lost
  • Resolved message duplication problem
  • Resolved some phone can not receive the message notification problem
  • Resolve the failure of the key update to cause the message to not decrypt the problem
  • Resolve the memory leak problem

August 19, 2016

SecEMS 5.5.4 released

New features and changes include:

  • Support larger clear avatar;
  • Support hide the telephone for your friends;
  • Support swiping left to make as read in chat list;
  • Support automatically jump to unread messages in group chat;
  • Optimized the conflict between app voice and background music;
  • Fixed the bug of the messages do not self-destruct occasionally;